Sinus Infection Treatment Provided in Effingham, IL, by the Experts at Effingham Express Care

bigstock Doctor Smiling To Camera 5963389 Sinus Infection TreatmentWhen you’re in need of sinus infection treatment in the Effingham, IL, area, turn to the professionals at Effingham Express Care. We know how miserable it can be trying to fight off a sinus infection (sinusitis), and our physician-led team is standing by to confirm the diagnosis and help you get on the road to recovery. No prior appointment is needed to visit our urgent care center, and on average, our patients are in and out the door in under an hour. Plus, we’re open seven days a week, so if you wake up feeling under the weather on Saturday or Sunday, you can stop by instead of waiting to see your family doctor.

Our highly trained team prides itself on providing the highest quality of care to each patient who visits our urgent care center. When it comes to sinus infection treatment, the first step is to be certain that sinusitis is to blame for your symptoms. In addition to performing a physical examination, we also have on-site lab work capabilities, which can help rule out a viral infection, such as mononucleosis or the flu.

In the event that sinusitis is identified when you stop by our Effingham, Illinois, clinic, we’ll go over a sinus infection treatment plan with you. Typically this entails:

  • A course of antibiotics to eliminate bacteria from the sinuses
  • Plenty of bed rest
  • Drinking lots of fluids
  • Home remedies like using a humidifier or a heating pad over the sinuses

For patient convenience, we even offer a variety of pharmaceuticals here in our urgent care center, potentially saving you a trip to the drugstore on your way home.

If you need sinus infection treatment in the Effingham, IL, area, don’t wait to make an appointment with your family physician or spend excessive money at the emergency room in a non-emergency situation. Instead, stop by Effingham Express Care and get the high-quality care you need from our physician-led team. We are open from 9am-7pm Monday through Friday and from 10am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday.